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Introduction to Remix

Introduction to Remix Remix is a web-framework that serves as a server and browser runtime. It's based on the Web Fetch API instead of running on Node. It…

Reading Time: 4mins
Introduction to Rust

Introduction to Rust Rust is a programming language that is "fundamentally about empowerment"* Meaning Rust is designed to empower you to be able to write code…

Reading Time: 5mins
The Obstacle is the Way

tl;dr Reads like a "devotional" book without religious overtones. I enjoyed it and it made a positive impact on me. Will likely read the other related books…

Reading Time: 2mins
January 2022 Goals Update

Goal Progress I made good progress in the first month of the year. Here's how it shook out: Add MDX Ship Side-Projects & Blog More I decided on my first side…

Reading Time: 3mins
Goals for 2022

Resolutions or Goals? Time for some goal-setting for the New Year. Some people make "resolutions" but I set goals, instead of "resolutions". James Clear says…

Reading Time: 3mins
Programmatically Formatting Nested HTML Child Elements in React

Problem: Receiving HTML with nested children of an unknown depth and formatting them with CSS classes dynamically. I've had this problem arise twice. On the…

Reading Time: 6mins
.map(), .filter(), and .reduce()

Recently, I had a friend offer to do a mock interview. Short story, he roasted me. I'm so thankful that we did that, because I've never been asked technical…

Reading Time: 3mins
Add an Emoji Favicon to your site

Originally I posted this to my profile in Nov, 2018; you can read it here if you'd like. I decided to repost it on my blog, since I wrote it and all. For…

Reading Time: 2mins