WordleNerds: a Wordle Leaderboard

Problem: I like Wordle, but I want to remember my "stats" and compare myself to others.

Solution: A leaderboard for the big Wordle fans!


I've been wanting to get back into building side-projects. In fact it was one of my new years goals

Step 1: Find a starter

Problem: I want to find a stack I can go back to again and again as I start new projects.

Before I started at my current company I was toying around with React, Vue, Firebase, Supabase, AWS Lambda... the list goes on. This time I've decided to pick a stack and stick with it. Maybe I'll even open-source or sell my starter if I think it's valuable enough in the future. I'm confident I got this idea from @VicVijayakumar on the Virtual Coffee Podcast S1:E4. I landed on this Vue + Supabase starter. It's been pretty amazing so far.

Step 2: Get started

I have an idea and I have the starter code. So I set up a project on Supabase and got to work. So far I have users, profile pages, the ability to paste in your puzzle solution, and it will show you the puzzles you've submitted. You can see a more detailed list on this twitter thread.

Next Steps

I'll plan on writing short addendums as I release new features... like the actual leaderboard. For now, please sign up at if you want to join in on the fun!