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Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript Background and First Impressions Written by Marijn Haverbeke, Eloquent JavaScript is one of the more well-known and oft-recommended books…

Reading Time: 5mins
Beginner JavaScript (Wes Bos Course)

Intro In mid-July 2022 I did a leveling and performance review exercise with my manager at work (which resulted in a raise / promotion for me 🤑). One of the…

Reading Time: 9mins
Programmatically Formatting Nested HTML Child Elements in React

Problem: Receiving HTML with nested children of an unknown depth and formatting them with CSS classes dynamically. I've had this problem arise twice. On the…

Reading Time: 6mins

Introduction and Problem This first commit for this project was Jan 28, 2019. With big goals and no experience. This is the first "real" project I ever built…

Reading Time: 4mins
.map(), .filter(), and .reduce()

Recently, I had a friend offer to do a mock interview. Short story, he roasted me. I'm so thankful that we did that, because I've never been asked technical…

Reading Time: 3mins